Thermal Label Rolls

Thermal Label Rolls products are widely used in price indication, packaging, shipping, identification, office, retail, equipment, container, carton. Almost all industries will use label roll products.

Thermal Label Rolls has a chemical layer applying to a paper or synthetic base. That is activate by heat. When the label is printed through a direct thermal printer, the small elements of the printer are heated and activate parts of the chemical layer to create the required image. They can be suitable for direct thermal label printers, scale printers, barcode printers, mobile printers, EPOS printers, and PDA terminals.

Spread paper is the leading supplier of label roll products in China. We have three flexo printing machines. And ten die-cutting machines in the factory. With the ability to handle a wide range of shapes, sizes, materials, and printing available. Since label rolls are highly customized products, we prefer that you can contact us before placing an order.

However, a thermal label is make of synthetic material and coat with varnish. Making them some of the most durable labels available. That, combining with the ability of thermal printers to generate a crisp, clear image. Makes them ideal for printing barcodes, copies, and images. POS Supply Solutions offers these labels in a wide variety of roll diameters and core sizes.

Product Specification

Height2.5 cm
Breadth5 cm
TypeSelf Adhesive Label


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