OCC Waste Paper

bales & scrap paper with high quality

1. product type: waste paper

2. type: occ, onp, omg, yellow pages, a3, a4 waste paper

3. packing: bale (1.2-1.4 tons/ bale)

4. feature: mixed & not mixed

5. quantity: 1000 tons per month

6. place of origin: UK


22/23 tons in 40 feet container – 36 bales in each container


We could offer monthly bulk quantities of paper both scrap in bales & non scrap as below:

occ waste paper

oinp waste paper

omg waste paper

onp waste paper

Waste paper, occ, onp, oinp, yellow pages directories, omg, sop, white tissue waste paper

waste paper exporter europe: oinp# 9, onp# 8# 6, white tissue, occ# 11 etc


OCC Waste Paper

Waste Paper, Occ, Onp, Oinp, , Yellow Pages Directories Omg, Sop, White Tissue Waste Paper
Bales & Scrap paper with high quality
1. Product Type: Waste Paper
3. Packing: BALE (1.2-1.4 TONS/ BALE)
4. Feature: Mixed & NOT MIXED
5. Quantity: 1000 Tons per Month

We can offer Monthly bulk Quantities of Paper both scrap in bales & non scrap as below:
OCC Waste Paper
OINP waste paper
OMG Waste Paper
ONP Waste Paper

Materials we can supply:

  • ONP
  • OINP
  • Magazine
  • OCC
  • Sorted Office Paper
  • Waste Yellow Pages Telephone directories
  • Waste newsprint paper
  • Mixed Paper

OCC Waste Papers are widely used to make new items. Such as beautiful envelopes. greeting cards, paper bags, books, and notebooks. These pieces of paper are also free of impurities. And other accessories. Our range is strictly verified against varied parameters. To ensure that the range offered is on par with international quality standards and norms.

Features: free of impurities
Environmentally friendly
Content: 99%
Humidity: 6% max. PRODUCT Old Corrugated Cardboards OCC 11
The OCC consists of corrugated containers that have proof, jute, or kraft lining.
Prohibitive materials cannot exceed 1% Total print runs cannot exceed 5% Double Corrugated Old Corrugated Cardboards (DSOCC)
-ONP.-OINP.-Maganize.-OCC.-Flyleaf Shaving.-Sorted Office Paper.-43 Coated Book Stock.-White Tissue Waste paper.-Waste Yellow Pages Telephone directory.-Waste newsprint paper.

The double classification OCC consists of used corrugated boxes. Which is enerated from indoor industrial sources. Cartons are sorted at the source. And again before packing to provide the cleanest and driest form of post-consumer unbleached Kraft available. Soft white shavings / white paper cutouts
It consists of unprinted, coated, uncoated shaving bales. And sheets of unprimed white woodless printing paper. Prohibitive Materials Not Allowed. Total shots cannot exceed 1%.

OCC 11 – Grade 11 OCC

Old Corrugated Containers 11 – Industries defines Corrugated Containers (Grade 11 OCC)
These are corrugated papers that have proof, jute, or kraft coatings. Under this category of paper, the following characteristics are exposed.

Prohibitive materials: must not exceed 5%
Results: must not exceed 5%
Combined expulsions and prohibitions cannot exceed 5%.

OCC 12 – Grade 12 (DSOCC)
Classified to be free of cardboard, corrugated off-shore, plastic, and wax.

Trash / Prohibitive Materials: 0%
Most prohibitive expulsions: do not exceed 5%
Moisture content: do not exceed 5%
The size of the bales in (cm) is 115 (Width) / Height (115) and Length (200).
25 bales per container.


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