OCC Waste Paper

bales & scrap paper with high quality

1. product type: waste paper

2. type: occ, onp, omg, yellow pages, a3, a4 waste paper

3. packing: bale (1.2-1.4 tons/ bale)

4. feature: mixed & not mixed

5. quantity: 1000 tons per month

6. place of origin: UK


22/23 tons in 40 feet container – 36 bales in each container


We could offer monthly bulk quantities of paper both scrap in bales & non scrap as below:

occ waste paper

oinp waste paper

omg waste paper

onp waste paper

Waste paper, occ, onp, oinp, yellow pages directories, omg, sop, white tissue waste paper

waste paper exporter europe: oinp# 9, onp# 8# 6, white tissue, occ# 11 etc



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