Factory price OEM Wholesale 3-ply computer continuous Carbonless Continuous Paper

  • Carbonless Continuous Paper is Refinedly cut;
  • Coated, Smooth on both sides;
  • Excellent printing technology;
  • Plastic and paper core are available;
  • Nice printing image;
  • Long storage time;

Product description

This paper is designed for all tractor PowerPoint matrix printers. Ideal for computerized reports, forms, and letters. Cross-drilled at regular intervals with a line of small slits. That forms a torn border that defines the top and bottom of each page. When unfolded on a continuous flat sheet, this perforation closes to allow the printer to print through the perforated edge without stopping or jamming. The paper is perforated longitudinally along both side edges with 5/32 inch (4 mm) diameter hook holes with a regular 1/2 inch gap. These holes are hooked by sprockets or timing belts, which push or pull the paper through the printer.

Carbonless Continuous Paper
WHITE copies without carbon (It is not necessary to use carbon paper)
Standard perforations
1/2 inch margin perforations
For use in tractor fed dot matrix impact printers
Delivers quality results you can trust
uncoated surface and tear resistance for uninterrupted printing

Return order:
Products released to customers passed the quality inspection completely. However, problems may arise due to manufacturing defects (if applicable). Or the factors affecting the product during transportation or handling. We can accept the return, at the buyer’s expense, within the Warranty Period, without physical damage and not yet used (if applicable).

The buyer should follow the proper packaging. Most likely the same one that was received. Save the packaging for use in case of return (outer box, retail box, bubble sheets, bill of sale, labels, etc., as applicable)

Specification120mmx279mm, 241mmx279mm, 381mmx279mm, 9.5″x11″, 15″x11″, etc.
Weight48gsm, 51gsm, 55gsm, etc.
TypeContinuous form, 1 part, 2 parts, 3 parts
SampleSample lead time: 3 days
ColorWhite/white/white, white/blue/yellow, white/pink/yellow
Layer1, 2, 3,4,5,6 layers
Image ColorBlue or black
AdvantageExact perforation, high runnability, excellent print quality


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