ATM Receipt Paper Roll

The ATM Receipt Paper Roll is made from thermal paper that is used for receipts in ATM transactions. They are soft, smooth, and white. The surface of the paper is coated with chemicals that can turn black with heat. After the customer completes the transaction at the ATM terminal, the terminal will print the receipt paper from the ATM.

ATM paper is quick to install, easy to maintain, and almost always has more paper in each roll. Printing on ATM paper is clear and legible, they also have a protective layer that prevents the print from fading, even if they get wet or grease. ATM receipts can help you keep track of your account balance after a withdrawal.

Our Paper Roll has been exporting to America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, etc. Please refer to the ATM Paper Buying Guidance Article, if you have any questions please contact us now and we will be happy to assist you.

The ATM Receipt Paper Roll is using to provide receipts for the customer’s ATM transactions. Heat printed receipts are transparent and legible with a protective coating to prevent discoloration. Choose from a variety of ATM thermal paper options for use at ATM terminals around the world.

Product Specification

Packaging TypeRoll
Width79 mm


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